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How can I move MARC field 876 to a new LHR?

  • You have MARC 876 fields in a LHR containing barcodes for another instance of the same item
Applies to
  • Record Manager

Move incorrect 876 field for the LHR to a new LHR:

  1. From the MARC 21 editor, click the Call Number for the record in the LHR accordion.
    Search for a local holdings record and then click the Call Number for the record on the search results screen.
  2. From the LHR editor, click Record.
  3. From the Record drop-down menu, select Derive from the LHR flyout menu.
    • You will now see the new LHR to edit
  4. Remove the first 876 Marc field using the red minus button at the right end of the field.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Navigate back to the original LHR and follow step 4 for the second 876 Marc field.
  7. Click Save.
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