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How can I get a list of LBD control numbers for bulk editing?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Record Manager
  • WorldShare Collection Manager

If your bibliographic or local holdings records have something in common that is indexed in WorldCat, you can use a query collection to pull relevant records and interleave LBDs to return the control numbers in addition to the variable fields.

Steps to get record Work list of LBD control numbers for bulk LBD changes

  1. Make sure you have WorldShare > Metadata > Collection Manager > Institution Settings > MARC Records > Customize Records > Include my local bibliographic data turned on and the drop-down below it set to Interleavedwith my bibliographic records
  2. Create a Query collection using the selection criteria: li:[OCLC symbol] AND b8:[shelving location]
  3. Inside the new query collection make sure that the MARC Records > Customize Records > Local Bibliographic Data > Use institution setting: interleaved with my bibliographic records option is turned on
  4. When the Query collection file arrives, use MARCEdit to extract LBD records from the file
  5. Use MARCEdit Export tab Delimited on the LBD MARC file just extracted to get the 001 tag ( ie. LBD Control number)
  6. Use the list of LBD Control numbers to create the LBD Record Work list
  7. Create script to add the field in the Toolbox
  8. Run the script to add the field or make any changes.
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