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Clone a query collection

The Clone Collection option allows you to quickly create a new collection based on an existing collection with similar settings.

Search for query collections 

Search for query collections that you have already created:

  1. Navigate to the search box in Collection Manager. 
  2. Select Collection as the Data Type and My Selected Collections as the Scope to search across your library-specific collections.
  3. In the Search Term(s) field, enter the collection name or leave the field empty.
    • If you leave the field empty, the search will return all of the collections your library has selected or created.
  4. Select Query Collections from the Filter by drop-down list.

Clone a collection 

Once you have located the collection you would like to clone:

  1. From the Collection Actions drop-down, select Clone Collection.
  2. A new collection is generated with the information from the original collection.
  3. Enter the desired changes to the cloned collection.  The following fields are required:
  • Collection Name 
  • Collection ID (system generated)
  • WorldCat Selection Criteria (carried over from original collection)
    •  Note: There is a 20,000 character limit (including special characters) for the WorldCat Selection Criteria.

  1. Review the collection and make any other desired changes to the cloned collection-level settings.

  1. After making changes to the collection, select Save.
  2. A message appears stating the number of records your selection criteria returned. If the number of records meets your expectations, click Confirm.