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How to add a new title to an existing collection

Add one or more titles to an existing collection using cooperative management functionality.

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 Caution: Before you begin making changes to collections, view the List of collections for which cooperative management changes are retained. Do not add titles or submit title data changes for collections that are not included in the list. If you submit changes for a collection that is not included in the list, they will be overwritten on the next data load that OCLC processes from the provider. For more information, see the Collection Manager Known issues page.

About linking key values

When adding titles to existing collections through the global cooperative, you must include linking key values in the Linking Key fields of the title's metadata. Linking Key values are made up of letters and/or numbers. They are the most reliable unique identifier for a title and are used to build URLs that resolve to the vendor’s platform. The Linking Key value for a title often appears at the end of a title's URL. The last string of numbers you see in a title's URL is often the “key” for that item.

If you know the Linking Key for a title, you can look within the collection at other titles' title-level linking fields and look at collection-level linking fields to determine the Title URL for a new title.

To find an example of the value in the WorldShare interface, navigate to Collection Manager and to the title and open it. Find the Linking Key field under the Linking Overrides section.


The picture shows title-level fields from the e-book title: "100 Ideas for Primary Teachers: Behaviour Management" and the following fields and data:

  • Title Link Formula: The bKey that appears at the end of the URL in the Title Link Formula field corresponds with the value in the Linking Key field
  • Sample Title Link: The Linking Key 863455 appears at the end of the URL in the Sample Title Link. The Sample Title Link field is an example of the URL built by the value in the Linking Key field and the formula in the Title Link Formula field
  • Linking Key: The number 863455 appears in the Linking Key field

For information about linking key values, see Linking Overrides section of the documentation on title-level settings.

Add new titles to an existing collection

Titles can be added to collections one-by-one. If you have multiple titles you want to add to a collection, submit your changes to OCLC Support.

Add a single title

To add a single title to a Global knowledge base collection:

  1. Navigate to the collection to which you want to add the title and open it.
  2. On the top of the collection-level page, click on the Collection Actions drop-down button and select Add a new title to the Global Knowledge Base.
  3. Complete the fields for the new title including Linking Key values.
  4. Click Add Title to the Global Knowledge Base.

Add multiple titles

To add multiple titles to a Global knowledge base collection that already exists:

  1. Compile the titles into a KBART spreadsheet.
  2. Send the spreadsheet to OCLC Support.

OCLC Support will load the file for you and add the titles to the collection for review by other libraries.

Confirm your changes

After submitting your title(s), you will see a confirmation window where you can enter a summary of your changes. Enter a summary and click Continue. Your summary as well as your name and institution will be saved to the Reviews accordion.

Confirm adding title, leave comment

You will see the History entry for the submission including: Approval, Denials, and Goal numbers. You cannot approve or deny your own changes, so instead you will see a Withdraw button and an "Awaiting decision" status message.

Awaiting decision window

Wait for a decision

Other libraries approve or deny your changes

You cannot approve or deny your own changes. However, your changes are available in the Approve Changes to Global Collections review queue so that all libraries that have the collection selected will be able to review your changes and make a decision to approve or deny it.

Any cooperatively contributed set of changes for a collection that have not met  Approval or Denial goals within 5 calendar days will proceed as though changes were approved. The knowledge base data loading process will continue and all libraries that have the collection selected will get the data updates.

For more information on the review process and Approval and Denial goals, see Approve and deny changes to the global knowledge base.


If you find an error, or want to withdraw your submission for some other reason, you may do so by clicking Withdraw at any time before the changes have met the approval or denial goal or timed out of the review process. If the changes are withdrawn for any reason, a denial will be written into the review accordion.

History entries for withdrawn changes are only visible to the submitting library and any library that had registered a decision.

Send OCLC your feedback

We encourage you to discuss the features and functions of the knowledge base cooperative data management:

  • In the OCLC Community Center. If you have feedback or question for OCLC, post your comments in the Collection Manager discussion forum (sign in required), or
  • Send your comments to OCLC Support. We welcome any suggestions for improving or enhancing cooperative features for greater utility by our community in future releases