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Find the request form and instructions to manage your WorldShare Collection Manager account. See cataloging subscription requirements and find the time and call-in information to visit us in Collection Manager office hours.
  • Collection Manager account roles
    If your institution has access to Collection Manager (in the WorldShare Metadata tab), the Collection Manager roles are relevant to your individual account.
  • Add a privacy notice
    Learn how to request an institution-defined privacy notice for many OCLC services including WorldShare Collection Manager.
  • Choose your Collection Manager workflow
    Find information about the available collection types in WorldShare Collection Manager and learn how to create a collection.
  • Collection Manager office hours
    Bring your questions to office hours. Return here for office hour dates and times.
  • Create a Collection Manager account
    Find instructions to create a Collection Manager account and to manage additional staff accounts.
  • Search for collections in Collection Manager
    Use the search field to find collections that you have already created of any collection-type. Alternatively, find collections and providers that are in the global WorldCat knowledge base.
  • Set or reset your password
    Set or reset your password for the WorldShare interface.
  • Sign in to Collection Manager
    Sign in to WorldShare Collection Manager and see how to find a forgotten WorldShare URL.
  • Upload and download files
    Instructions to upload and download files are included in the workflows for each type of collection in Collection Manager. Find a table that gives an overview of upload and download locations across Collection Manager.