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View batch processing reports

Find out how to view batch processing reports in Connexion client.

From the local file manager, display batch processing reports for the most current batch runs:

  1. Navigate to File > Local File Manager or press <Alt><F><F>.
  2. Under Batch Reports, select the type of report you want to view.
    • Searches
    • Online Actions
    • Label Printing
    • Exports


    • Batch processing is available only for local save files (unavailable for local constant data).
    • Batch processing holdings by OCLC numbers (Batch > Holdings by OCLC Number) produces a batch report that is temporary. Once you close it, you cannot retrieve it.

    Batch report(s) open behind the Local File Manager. If you select multiple reports, they open simultaneously behind each other.

  3. Click Close to close the Local File Manager window.
  4. When finished with the batch reports, click the X in the upper-right corner of a report to close it.