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Define a classification scheme

Find out how to define a classification scheme for offline cataloging in Connexion client.

For offline cataloging, define a separate classification scheme to use with labels and to supply the blank call number field for bibliographic records and workforms in local bibliographic save file(s).

 Note: This is not used for constant data records and workforms.

  1. Navigate to Tools > Options or press <Alt><T><O>.
  2. Click General > Offline Cataloging Options. The Offline Cataloging Options window opens.
  3. In the Classification Scheme drop-down list, select a classification scheme.
    • Library of Congress (default)
    • Dewey
    • National Library of Medicine
    • Canadian
    • Government
    • National Agricultural Library
  4. Click OK or Cancel to close the Offline Cataloging Options window.
  5. From the General tab, perform one of the following actions:
    1. Click OK to save your changes.
    2. Click Cancel to close the Options window.
    3. Click Apply to save changes without closing the window.

 Note: When you are logged on, the client uses the classification scheme associated with your logon authorization and password.