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Downloadable files (new components)

Find out where to find downloadable new component files in Connexion client.

From time to time, when you open the client, a New Components Available window opens listing files you can download to get small changes in the Connexion client configuration without having to upgrade or install a completely new version. You can download the files immediately or be reminded later.

Downloadable files listed in the window are placed in X:\Users\[user name]\AppData \Roaming\OCLC\Connex\, where X represents the letter of your hard drive.

For example, downloadable files in the Connex folder include:

  • alachars.txt
  • automapDate.txt
  • automapLang.txt
  • automapFormat.txt
  • automapMARC.txt
  • automapTitle.txt
  • MarcAuthRecordNAM.xml
  • MarcAuthRecordSUB.xml
  • MarcBibRecord.xml
  • MarcLanguageCodes.ini
  • OutputFormats.xml
  • WebLinks.xml