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Access user files

Find out how to locate, copy, backup, and share user files in Connexion client.

User files retained

The Connexion client user files are always retained and reused each time you open the program and each time you upgrade to a higher version.

However, OCLC recommends retaining the option to have the client automatically back your files up.

 Caution: Do not store any macros you create, copy, or record in the OCLC- provided macro files OCLC.mbk or Dewey.mbk. Create different macro files (called "books") to store your customized macros. OCLC.mbk or Dewey.mbk may be replaced when you upgrade to provide updated or new OCLC macros. If you have customized macros in these files, you will lose them.

Copy files to back up or share

To copy \MyProfile, or one or more files in \MyProfile, to another location to back up or share with others:

  1. In Windows Explorer, select the \MyProfile folder (or another profile folder you created) or any file(s) in the folder.
     Note: See Caution above for sharing option settings (Options.xml).
  2. Right-click \MyProfile or file(s) in \MyProfile, and on the popup shortcut menu click Copy.
    Press Ctrl+C.
  3. Right-click the folder where you want to copy the \MyProfile folder or file(s) and, on the shortcut menu, click Paste.
    Select the folder where you want to copy the folder or file(s) and then press Ctrl+V.

Quick access to client files and logs

Instead of navigating in Windows Explorer to Connexion client files, folders, and troubleshooting logs, open them with a single click from within the client.

On the View menu, click User Information (or press Alt+V+U) and then click Paths and Logs. See Find user information for troubleshooting for more information.