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About Connexion client

Find an overview of Connexion client functionality.

 Note: If you are using a version of Connexion client older than 3.0, see Connexion client documentation.


OCLC Connexion is your cataloging access to the OCLC system. Connexion client is a Microsoft Windows-based software client

 Note: OCLC occasionally conducts maintenance on the system, most usually on Sundays from 2 am to 6 am U.S. Eastern Time. OCLC usually provides advance notice about these maintenance periods via listserv messages and the OCLC System Status Dashboard.

Connexion client cataloging functionality

Catalogers can use the following functions in the client only:

  • Catalog offline and online
  • Use local save files (located on your workstation or shared drive) as well as your library’s online save file
  • Create local constant data records, as well as online constant data, to insert often used MARC-formatted content
  • Validate records offline
  • Batch process WorldCat and LC authority file searches
  • Batch process OCLC actions on records, including exports and label printing
  • Batch process setting or deleting holdings by OCLC number without first downloading the records
  • Create text strings to insert frequently used data
  • Write macros using client-specific commands to automate frequent tasks Or
  • Use a macro recorder to create macros automatically
  • Use the client’s built-in label printing capability
  • Print local accessions lists
  • Create multiple user profiles (sets of client options) to catalog for more than one library
  • Check spelling in records
  • Choose a language for the client interface in addition to English: select Chinese (simplified or traditional), English, German, Japanese, Korean, or Spanish
  • Starting with version 2.63, Connexion client supports scripts through Unicode version 8.0.0.
  • Automatically transliterate romanized data in Arabic and Persian records to Arabic script data (two ways)
  • Validate MARC-8 characters separately from record validation
  • Convert invalid CJK characters to MARC-8 automatically
  • Upload digital files to a CONTENTdm collection and automatically add field 856 to the WorldCat record that contains the URL to open the digital content (for authorized CONTENTdm users with correct setup only)
  • Customize WorldCat search and browse index lists
  • Define a startup action or macro to run each time you open the client
  • Use quick tools for entering command line WorldCat searches and for using and managing text strings and user tools
  • Drag and drop to reposition toolbars or to reposition buttons on the main client toolbar
  • Set up a Z39.50 access to your library's integrated local system (ILS) to retrieve local bibliographic records
  • As an alternative to the client function for inserting diacritics and special characters, use an RLIN21 Latin keyboard
  • As an alternative to using Windows keyboards or IMEs for entering Arabic, Cyrillic, Hebrew, and Latin scripts, install and use RLIN21 keyboards for these scripts
  • Add variant name headings using MARC-8 non-Latin character sets to LC authority file records