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Browse LC Names and Subjects

Find out how to access and use the Browse Authority File window in Connexion client.

Purpose of the Browse Authority File window

  • Browse for headings in the LC authority file.
  • (Optional) Browse for headings that contain a specified subheading.

Access the Browse Authority File window

  1. Navigate to Authorities > Browse > LC Names and Subjects, press Browse LC Names button, or press <Alt><F2>.
    • If you are logged on to OCLC Connexion, the Browse LC authority file window opens immediately.
    • If you are not already logged on, the Logon OCLC Connexion window opens. As soon as you complete the logon and close the Welcome window, the Browse Authority File window opens automatically.
  2. Enter a browse term and select an index.
  3. (Optional) Enter an expanded term (subheading).
  4. Click OK.

See more about how to search or browse the LC authority file interactively.

Browse Authority File window: Features and buttons

Feature How to use
Browse for ... field Enter the first words of a heading in the text field.
Select from the list of up to ten previous terms you used.

The browse term you enter is matched character by character from left to right with terms in the browse index you select.

  • Omit initial articles.
  • When browsing for a personal name, if you enter the name in inverted order, include the comma after the surname (e.g., mozart, wolfgang amadeus).
  • You can enter diacritics and/or subfield codes. The system removes them before processing the browse query. 

Default: Text field is blank (or shows your last term and a drop-down list of up to ten previous search terms)

... in index list Select the index you want to browse:
  • Personal Names
  • Corporate/Conference Names
  • Titles
  • Topicals
  • Geographic Names
  • LCSH
  • Subdivision Headings
  • LC Names
  • Children's Subjects
  • Musical Incipits

Default: Personal Names

Expanded Term field Enter the first words of an expanded term (subheading) in the text field.
Select from the list of up to ten previous expanded terms you entered.

You can also leave the Expanded Term field blank and expand the scan in the browse results window:
  1. Enter a heading in the Browse for box, leave the Expanded Term box blank, and click OK or press <Enter>
  2. In the Authority File Root Browse List, in the Expanded Term box, enter a subheading and click Do Expanded Scan.

Default: Text field is blank (or shows your last term and a drop-down list of up to ten previous terms)


Button name Click the button to...
Clear Search Clear terms (the client keeps only the last index you used).
Enter Diacritics Open the Enter Diacritics and Special Characters window to enter a diacritic or character in a browse term.
OK Browse for the heading (or press <Enter>).
Cancel Cancel the heading search and close the window.