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How authority record search results display

Discover how authority record search results are displayed in Connexion client.

How keyword/numeric search results display

The following table describes results when you use keyword/numeric or derived searching via Authorities > Search > LC Names and Subjects.

Number of records found The client displays ...
0 A message asking you to change or simplify the search and try again
1 The full record
2 to 100
  • A brief list of titles
  • The list is sorted by main entry
  • The qualifier [CHILDREN'S] next to entries associated with Children's Subject authority headings (010 prefix sj and 008/15 = b). Displays in search results only, not in browse results.
101 or more
  • A message that tells you:
    • The total number of records found
    • That the displayed list contains the first 100 records
    • How to view the next 100 (View > Next 100 Records)
  • A list of the first 100 records.
    • The entire list, no matter how many records are found, is sorted by main entry
    • The tag number for the heading is shown in brackets (e.g., [110])
  • Cross references under each heading, if you selected check boxes in the Search LC Authority File dialog to show See and/or See Also References.
    • See references display the tag number in brackets (e.g., [410])
    • See also references also include the tag number in brackets and display as blue hot links. To view the reference, double-click the link or highlight the entry and press <Enter>.

Use the search results list

Columns for each entry on the LC Authority File Search List show:

  • Record number (assigned by the system when search results are returned)
  • Description of the heading