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Create a record from an existing record

Discover how to create a name authority record from an existing record.

You can derive a new record online or offline.

  1. With a name authority record open that describes a heading resembling or related to the heading for which you want to create a record, click Edit > Derive > New Record or press <Ctrl><Alt><C>.
    • If you are offline and have not defined a MARC organization code, the client gives you a message that you must define a code.
      1. Click OK. The client opens the Tools > Options > General tab automatically.
      2. Under Offline Cataloging, enter your code in the MARC Organization Code field.
    • The client transfers selected content and/or supplies default fields/values to produce a new record based on the derived record.
    • The client supplies field 040 data from the MARC organization code associated with your logon authorization if you are online or the code you supplied in Tools > Options > General if you are offline, and includes eng in subfield b (e.g., 040 OCoLC b eng c OCoLC).
    • NEW appears in the ARN field. The record is assigned an ARN only when you add the record to the LC authority file (NACO-affiliated libraries).
  2. Complete the record by adding data. If helpful, you can:
  3. When you are finished working on the record:
    • Search the LC authority file to be sure a record has not been added since you started work on it and then add the new record to the LC authority file.
    • Save the record to the online or local file to work on later.
      Submit the record for peer review.