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2. Check or set options

Learn how to start the Cataloging Label Program and set default settings, label options, and print options.

Start the Label Program

  • Double-click the program icon on your desktop.
  • From the Windows Start menu, under Programs > OCLC Applications, click Label Program.

Check or set options

Default settings

  • When you install the Label Program, the software automatically supplies settings (defaults) for label printing, label format, and a warning about saving labels.
  • You are not required to change default settings to use the program. However, you may want to review or change them.

Label options

To view or change the label format, navigate to Options > Format. A check mark next to the format indicates the current selection. Click one of the following formats to change it.

  • SL4 – Spine, Two Four-line Pockets (default)
  • SL6 – Spine, Two Six-line Pockets
  • SLB – Spine, One Four-line Pocket
  • SP1 – Spine

Print options

To view or change print options, navigate to Options > Print. The Print Options dialog box opens. Check or change any of the following options:

  • Order – For batch printing marked labels:
    • Date/time added (default)
    • Spine
    • Author 1
    • Title 1
  • Printer – Lists all printers you added in Windows Start > Settings > Printers
    Default: Windows default printer
  • Font – Select any TrueType font installed under Windows. You can print characters and diacritics for Spanish, French, etc. on labels (from an ALA standard list) only in the default font.
    Default: ALA BT Courier
  • Font size – Select a font size from 8 pt to 48 pt
    Default: 12 pt
  • Boldface
    Default: Boldface check box cleared; labels are not printed in boldface
  • Form (stock) – Select Continuous (pin-feed) or Sheet
    Default: Sheet
  • Print offsets – Positions text on label stock
    Default: No print offsets (0.0)
  • Units – Select inches or centimeters for print offset specifications
    Default: Inches
  • Prompt for Options – Click to select if you want a prompt to specify the start position for printing labels (sheet stock only). With this option selected, when you start label printing (immediate or in batch mode), the Label Program prompts you to select the column and row for the first label.
    Default: Prompt for Options check box not selected; no prompt for column and row
  • Output to text file (editable file in ASCII format) – Alternative to printing that requires you to specify the full path and file name
    Default: Check box cleared; labels are printed, not output to a text file

Option to turn off the warning to save a label before closing

By default, the Label Program prompts you with an option to save before you close a label if you:

  • Modified the label
  • Viewed the label from a record displayed in OCLC Connexion, whether or not you modified the label

To turn the warning message off, or to turn it back on:

  1. From the Options menu, click Warn before closing unsaved label.
    • A check mark next to Warn before closing unsaved label indicates that the warning message is on.
    • If no check mark appears next to Warn before closing unsaved label, the warning is off.

Help on options

From the Print Options dialog box, click Help.
From the Help menu, click Contents. Double-click Prepare to Print Labels to expand the section and then click a topic to open it.
From the Help menu, click Index. Type any of these keywords: label formats, font, boldface, form or stock, print offsets, or printer.