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Why has an Object URL changed after adding new Objects to a Collection?

  • An object URL is different after adding new objects to a collection
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Permalinks to objects in CONTENTdm follow this pattern:

An example of this can be found on the CONTENTdm Demo Site:

When browsing a collection for an item the phrase </rec/###> will be appended to the end of the object URL. This phrase represents the relative position of the object within the browsed results (i.e. position ### of ### results). When the total number of objects within a collection is updated—whether by adding, combining, or deleting objects—the relative position of an object might no longer be valid. When browsing the same collection as above with results displaying as "Sort By: Title Ascending," the URL would become

Adding an object to the collection that comes before the example object when "Sort By: Title Ascending" would change the relative position of the example object when browsing the collection, but it would not change the permalink.

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