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Why does the OCR count on the progress bar exceed the total pages of a compound object when processing OCR in Project Client?

Applies to
  • CONTENTdm Project Client

This is a known behavior where the Progress bar for processing OCR on a compound object in Project Client will fill and continue to count past the total number of pages in the compound object. The statement will display "Performing OCR on XXX of YYY items" where the value of XXX exceeds that of YYY. This is most often true of compound objects with high page counts and is not an accurate reflection of the total number of pages that will be subtracted from the monthly allotment.

The OCR processing should be allowed to complete as normal, and the total number of allotted pages used can be determined by finding the difference between the starting and ending totals of pages used under Project > Project Settings Manager > OCR > Page Limit.

If the process is canceled before it is allowed to complete, the pages processed by ABBYY will still be subtracted from the total even though the metadata is not added to the full text search data type field.

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