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Why do some of my compound objects appear with a scroll bar while others make you click through the pages?

  • You've set up a compound object in a CONTENTdm collection, but it doesn't appear like other titles in your collection. Instead of showing a scroll bar where users can scroll through all the pages, the scroll bar only scrolls a few pages at a time and the user has to click through page buttons to move forward between them.
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The display of compound objects is dependent upon the kind of compound object you create. If you choose to create monographs, you will get a scroll bar and all of the pages will appear at once down the right-hand side with no thumbnails. If you choose to create document objects, you will see thumbnails down the right-hand side and it will be  paginated so you have to click through the pages.

Additional information

There is more information on choosing a type of Compound object to create.

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