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Unable to create project connecting using URL of website

  • Unable to use the Project Client to create projects using the URL where xxxxx is your hosted site ID.
  • Error message:

    Unable to find resource located at Please verify this URL exists by trying it in a web browser. If the file is not found check the installation of the server to make sure that it is correct.

Applies to
  • Project Client
    • Hosted Environment

These errors occur when your Project client cannot access your Administration site. If you attempt to use "cdm" followed by your site ID as the URL to connect, it will produce these errors because that is your public facing website, not your Administration site. Please use "server" followed by your Site ID. (Ex. https://server<your site ID> ) instead. 

If correcting the URL doesn't work, verify that the credentials you are using are correct. These should match the credentials you've set up in  Finally, if neither of the other two work, uninstalling and reinstalling the Project client has been known to fix this as well.

If problems persist, contact OCLC Support with your CONTENTdm site ID, the error message, and the steps you are taking. 

Additional information

We provide documentation on creating new projects

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