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PDF image previews are broken, but thumbnails and expanded view are okay

  • PDF image previews on the website are not being found even though other image views are unaffected
Applies to
  • Website Configuration Tool

This is most often caused by a mismatch between the host address set up in the SEO setting of the Website Configuration Tool and the address used to access the item. To confirm whether a custom domain has been set up, access the Website Configuration Tool > Global Settings > Analytics & SEO > SEO. Does the value in the Public URL field:

  1. Match the host address used when attempting to view the item?
  2. Accurately reflect the custom domain that has been configured for the site?

If the answer to the first is "No" replace the system-assigned host in the item URL with the custom domain found here in the public URL field. The PDF preview image should load without issue provided a valid SSL certificate has been loaded to server for the custom domain. If the site has a custom domain but only loads as HTTP, follow these instructions to Configure CONTENTdm with SSL to support HTTPS.

If the answer to the second is "No" the public URL needs to be updated. After Saving and Publishing the changes, clear the browser cache and cookies and reload the item using the custom domain as the host. The PDF preview image should load without issue.

If neither of the above is accurate to the issue loading PDF previews, contact OCLC Support with additional details.

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