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Orientation of thumbnails incorrect

  • The orientation of files in Project Client and on the site does not match the orientation when viewing the file outside of CONTENTdm.
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The reason images are rotating is that the files themselves contain orientation metadata indicating this is the correct orientation. Many devices have software that intuitively adjusts the display orientation when viewing the file, and so it goes unnoticed that the orientation of the file is incorrect. There is no way to change orientation within CONTENTdm or Project Client.

You can use the following workflow to remedy this:

  • Open the file in any image editing software
  • Rotate the image to the correct orientation
  • Export the file without saving Exif or XMP data

You can then either delete the old record and ingest the new file; or, you can replace the file on your site by importing the object back into Project Client this way:

  • Open Project for desired collection
  • Select Find in Collection
  • Browse or search for the items in question, select them with the check box, and Add to Project (edit)
  • In the Project Tab select the object and Open in Tab
  • In the Object Tab select Replace Item and locate your new file
  • Select Replace Thumbnail and Autogenerate
  • Click OK
  • Save & Next

Repeat the above process until all objects are replaced and Upload for Approval as normal. Approve and Index the collection.

Additional information

If you need support please reach out to OCLC Support

Include your site ID number, include attachments of items you are having issues with. Provide steps you are taking to add to the Project Client.

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