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Ingesting files for a compound object and receiving the error "value cannot be null."

  • Receiving the error "Value cannot be null" while ingesting a compound object in Project Client.
Applies to
  • Project Client

This error can be returned while using a tab-delimited file and a "null" value is found where no value should be present. Instances of null values can be found by importing the tab-delimited file into a spreadsheet program and loading the data there. The impacted cells will show "null" instead of having an empty field.

Another possibility is that the project has become inoperable and will need to be deleted. Determining whether the project is the issue can be done by creating a new project for the collection, and attempting the upload process the same as before. If it works as anticipated, the old project should be deleted.

If neither of the above resolve this error, reach out to OCLC Support and provide the a screenshot of the error, the collection name or alias, and the tab-delimited file if one is being used.

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