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How do I create a report to display LHR Public and Non Public notes?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Reports
  • WorldShare Report Designer 

You need to have access to the Report Launch Pad (Report Designer) to create this report.

To create a report that will display either or both the LHR Public and Non Public Notes use LHR Item Detail Universe in Report Designer.  Follow the steps below to create this report.

  1. Select Report Launch Pad.
  2. Select Application > Web Intelligence.
  3.  Select New at the top of the page.
  4. Select From Universe > OK > LHR Item Detail Report.
  5. Select the Report objects you want in your report and drag across each one into the Result Objects box.
  6. Then from the LHR Item Detail folder select: LHR item Barcode, LHR Item Non-Public Note & LHR Item Public Note.
  7. Select any other Query filters that you want to use and drag across to the Query Filters box
  8. Select Refresh to ensure the correct data is being drawn in for your report.
  9. Select Run Query. If necessary, Readjust the width of these columns for easier viewing.
  10. Select Save as to select a location to save the report.
  11. Select the Export button to export the report

NOTE :  If you just added a note to a LHR record, then the note will not appear in this report until its refreshed overnight (24 hrs later).

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