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Can you display weekly circulation statistic summaries, in a Monthly Circulation Statistics Report?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Reports
  • WorldShare  Report Designer


Using the Report Designer, you can edit and alter the Monthly Circulation Statistics Report - to enable you to see weekly summaries for the month.


  1. Select Analytics > Reports > Report Launch Pad > CirculationMonthly Circulation Statistics Report.
  2. Let it run, using the default  filter  [12 months ago to  beginning of this month].
  3. Once the report has Loaded select >  Design  > Edit Data Provider  > Open the Dates/Times folder > Event dates. 
  4. Select Event Date and drag it across to the Results Object box next to Event Branch Name.
  5. Select  Event Day Name of Week drag it across to the Results Object box next to Event Date.
  6. Change the Date Filter  from Event Relative Date (remove)  to  Event date > Selecting a month range Between  xx  and xx (eg. 1/7/2020 - 1/8/2020) 
  7. OR you could also use Begin Date : Beginning of last month and  End date: Beginning of this month. 
  8. Run Query. 
  9. When the report has loaded, you will now need to add the new Report Objects to your report. 
  10. Therefore drag the extra objects Event Date and Event Day Name of Week you added earlier, next to Event Year. 
  11. You may not need Event Branch Name (if this is just for one branch ) or Event  Year > so right-click on top of each column > select Delete > Column. 
  12.  You now need to right-click on top of 1st ColumnInsert > Column to left > Type name of Column > Week. 
  13.  Select this entire column > Add formulae in the field above > type  =Week([Event Date]) > select the Green Tick.

       Monthly Stat Report by week.jpg

14. This will put a week number against each date. 

15. Select the entire Week column > right-click >  Set as section  > this will now split the report into the different weeks, each with a statistic summary.

      Monthly Stat Report by weeks 2.jpg

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