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Why am I not seeing My comparisons and Manage Comparisons under the Analytics tab

  • Users can't see the My Comparisons and Manage Comparison buttons under the Analytics tab in WorldShare
Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Evaluation

You must have one of the following roles in order to see the Collection Evaluation buttons. 

Individual subscriptions to Collection Evaluation:

  • Collection Evaluation Analytics Admin
  • Collection Evaluation Admin
  • Collection Evaluation User

Group subscription to Collection Evaluation (rare):

  • Collection Evaluation Group Admin
  • Collection Evaluation Group User
  • Collection Evaluation Public User

If you see these roles in the list, select the one that is appropriate for your library and hit Save to give yourself access.

If you do not see those roles in the list, they have not been assigned to your account. If you haven't requested it, you can get a quote for access by filling in the WorldShare® Collection Evaluation Quote Request.  If you have requested it, email with your name, library name, OCLC library symbol and the invoice on which you paid for it and they will make sure your settings are correct. 

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