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User groups

Learn about using user groups in OLIB.

►User Management> User Groups

User Group records are provided so that individual users can be grouped together. You can also configure your own user groups.

Library user groups

  • Acquisitions
  • Cataloguers
  • Circ. Group (restricted)
  • Circulation Desk
  • Enquiry Management
  • Funds
  • Librarians
  • Resource Booking

How groups are used

OLIB utilises these groups of users in order to carry out some key features:

  • Permissions and system access. User Permissions are applied via User Groups and a default set are provided for this purpose. The system manager sets up Permission Groups.
  • ALL USERS Group: On a new system, if you carry out a search for all records you will find that the ALL USERS Group already exists. For permissions purposes, this is a group to which all users are a member by default. Membership of this group is implied by OLIB and therefore users are not explicitly listed as members. The All Users Group would be used, for example, to grant ‘View’ on the ‘Titles’ domain but would not generally have the ‘Delete’ Permission on this domain.
  • OPAC lists and configuration: a Folder of items (titles) you set up in the Titles domain can become visible to end users as an OPAC List. User sets used in the delimited OPAC can exclude/include users based on their user groups.
  • Managing Layout selections: a specified OLIB screen Layout can be assigned to users based on their User Group.

Search User Groups

Search using the first few letters of the group name, or enter % to retrieve all records.

OPAC list groups are not included in the standard search. To search for OPAC list groups, use Other Searches - OPAC List Groups Search.

Create a user Group

  1. Go to User Management> User Groups.
  2. Click New Record to obtain a blank form.
  3. Enter the Group Name.
  4. Click the Members tab and user Search to search and select those Users who are to belong to this group.
  5. Save the changes.

This is all that is required to create a new User Group.

Fields configured for OPAC purposes

  • Global OPAC Lists Group? and OPAC Lists Sequence are used for configuration of OPAC "reading" Lists.
  • OPAC Lists SSi is used to enable any location(s) to have a ("site-specific interface")