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Find an overview of the interface and features available in OLIB Service Pack 13.

Introduction to OLIB 9.0 Service Pack 13

The 13th Service Pack for the OLIB software was released in May 2019. It is for OLIB 9.0 only.

This manual incorporates any new functionality both for OLIB Folio and OLIB WebView for SP13.

As with all OLIB upgrade training manuals this is not an exhaustive guide to the Service Pack as many of the items included are bug fixes and minor enhancements which do not need configuration, and which will not affect workflows.

The full OLIB Service Pack release notes for OLIB 9.0 SP13 are available.

There is fully indexed, context sensitive Online Help for each service pack. This can also be accessed directly from OLIB Web.

To request an installation of the Service Pack – please contact OCLC Support by email at or by ringing 0114 267 7502 or 0845 267 7502.

Layout Changes

The following layouts are changed by the installation of OLIB 9.0 SP13:

  • Attributes
  • Calendar
  • Circulation Messages
  • Copy Statuses
  • Folders
  • Import Batch
  • Loan Terms
  • Names
  • Notices (Alert History Sheet)
  • OLIB Defaults
  • Output Formats
  • User Categories
  • User Groups

If you have made any changes to any of the layouts and/or sheets in these domains since your last full upgrade (i.e. OLIB 9.0, not just a service pack installation), these changes will be lost when OLIB 9.0 SP13 is installed.