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Reports/Email configuration

Discover settings that effect the operation of reporting in OLIB.

Access OLIB defaults and edit settings

 Note: These are settings that affect the operation of OLIB as a whole and are only accessible to System Managers.

  1. In the Menu go to System Administration> OLIB Defaults.
  2. Click the Defaults record to display the details.
  3. Click modify record to make changes.

Available Reports/Email configuration

Field Description
Academic Year Start / End  

These are rolling dates used in OLIB Reports so that the dates automatically roll forward to the next academic year. They are selected from a drop down in the report details.

The default academic year values are:

01-09 and 31-08

If different dates are required, the precise Academic start and end dates can be configured here, once on your system.

Enter Academic Year Start, using the date format dd-mm. For example 17-09 (17th September). You will see the End date now defaults to the date before the new Start date. You can edit the End date independently.

GETStream Base URL To output a report using GETStream, there is a GETStream URL button to press in the report, that generates the correct URL. The base OLIB Web URL on your system needs to be configured here first, in order for this to show correctly in the GETStream URL field of the reports.
From Address The global email address to use in place of the "From" address specified in the message configuration of all emails. This would occur for alerting and reporting emails. This is also used to configure OLIB so that the email address that is entered in the From Address field in the notice record is put in alternative email headers such as On-Behalf-Of and Reply-To.
Replacement Headers

For example:


These are one or more headers you want included in the emails sent from your OLIB system. These are as well as the From header. These headers will then include the email address that exists in the originating notice's From Address.

This means for example, hosted systems can all have an From Address (by dint of the system being implemented on the managed service) - but also a local library Reply-To, so recipients can actually reply to the email. For example the Notice would contain:

From Address: “My Local Library” <>

OLIB Mailer ID The value which this OLIB system places into the X-Mailer SMTP header.