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Labels and sequence numbers

Discover settings for changing the order details when printing orders from OLIB.

Access OLIB defaults and edit settings

 Note: These are settings that affect the operation of OLIB as a whole and are only accessible to System Managers.

  1. In the Menu go to System Administration> OLIB Defaults.
  2. Click the Defaults record to display the details.
  3. Click modify record to make changes.

Available Labels and sequence numbers

Field Description
Label and Sequence

This sheet is relevant to Layout Manager. OLIB Acquisitions has a default output when printing order details and if this is insufficient you can use Layout Manager to use an alternative attribute in the print layout. Labels and Sequence Nos is where you specify the details that should appear with each item ordered. They can be defined either at system level in OLIB Defaults, or at catalogue Media Type level (Order Items in Orders sheet).

This data populates an attribute in the Orders domain (Order Item Details) and in OLIB you can add this to print layouts for use in printing orders. These defaults need to be set up before you commence ordering.