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Issue copy status

Discover how to set issue copy status for Serials management in OLIB.

►Serials Management Reference Data> Issue Copy Status Codes

By default, OLIB creates issue copy records, when you perform check in of issues. If this is correct for your implementation then all you need to do is choose your preferred status of issue copies at the time they are checked in.

Configure copy creation at check in

You can configure whether or not OLIB creates copies and links them to the issue title record during check in.

Use the Create Copy on Check-In field to do this. You can find this field in:

  • The serial copy record - Serials Management> Serial Copies (to configure at the level of individual serial copy)
  • System Administration> OLIB Defaults: Funds/Acq/Serials (for system level configuration)

For example you may have Create Copy on Check in = Yes at OLIB Defaults level - but set to No at the level of an individual Serial Copy. This would mean that for all serials in general, a copy record is created when you check in an issue, but for a specified serial a copy will not be created during check in.

Using Layout Manager, the system manager can also add this attribute (Create Copy on Check-In?) to the following OLIB layouts:

  • Title record
  • Owner location record

Set issue copy status

It is possible to set the status of Issue copies at the time they are checked in, and also to amend them later. This clarifies whether the items are received, on circulation, or still expected.

  1. Go to Serials Management Reference Data>Issue Copy Status Codes.
  2. Perform a search.
  3. You can set the default for items when they are checked in - Check-in Default?, Y/N. You can override this default for individual serial copies when creating or editing the Serial Copy record.
  4. In B.Vol. Status Locations enter a semi-colon-separated list of the key IDs of the issue copy owner Locations that will use this code as the code that the issue Copy gets set to when it is added to a bound volume. The list of location key IDs must also start and end with a semi-colon, e.g. ;MAIN;B1;. The field is auto-uppercased.
  5. B.Vol. Copy Status is the copy status to which the associated copy should be set to when an issue copy is pulled into the Bound Issues list box, e.g. Available, Unavailable. In the drop down select from the list of reference data Copy Statuses.

 Note: It is recommended that you add a new Issue Copy Status Code representing withdrawn - issue copy included in a bound volume.

When an issue copy is pulled into the Bound Issues field in a Bound Volume record, its issue copy status is set to the respective Issue Copy Status Code (i.e. the one with the issue copy’s owner location included in the B.Vol. Status Locs field). If the issue copy has an associated copy record, this copy record’s copy status will also be changed to the respective B. Vol. Copy Status, providing its Loan Status is not O (On Loan) or H (Held).

 Note: The old issue copy status and copy status are retained so that, if the issue copy is subsequently removed from the bound volume (e.g. because it was added by mistake), the issue copy status and the copy status can be reset to what they were before.