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Create bound volume

Discover how to create a bound volume in OLIB.
  1. In OLIB search for the Title record for the journal that has a volume ready to be bound. Put this record into Modify mode.
  2. In Bound Vols., click New to create the bound volume record.
  3. The volume Title defaults to the Journal Title. Amend as required. If the Binding Notes field is implemented in the Serial/journal Title record, this is also defaulted in.
  4. In Bound Issues, search to associate the correct issues with this bound volume. This performs an All Issue Copies search. Retrieve the Title of the journal you are binding.
  5. Select all of the issues to be linked.

     Note: If there are multiple subscriptions several records for each issue title will be present that you can identify by location.

  6. Insert to link them back to the bound volume.
  7. Once these issues have been added, complete the bound volume copy record with the date and copy barcode as required. and save the details.

In the OPAC searches will now retrieve both the Journal title and the Bound Volume.

The details view of the Journal Title includes a link to the bound volume.

 Note: The bound volume details show the link to the journal title, but there is no link on this screen to the individual issues bound in that volume.