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Frequency and citation pattern changes

Discover how to change the frequency and citation pattern of serials in OLIB.


During the lifetime of a Serial changes may occur to the publishing pattern. There are many possible changes that can be accommodated by OLIB. The following steps are required to handle these changes for any given Serial title.


  1. Identify the changes and analyse how this is to be represented in OLIB.
  2. Delete any unpublished issues that will no longer be required. For example in Serial Title details> Management> Issues box, select Delete from here onwards.
  3. Alter the Serial's issue generation parameters (Frequency and Citation Pattern and text elements grid).
  4. Use the pre-generation function to preview the newly expected issues. Repeat as necessary.
  5. When satisfactory, generate the new set of expected issues.
  6. Check in the first of those issues if required.
  7. You may need to edit the generation text elements grid again, to set it up properly for the following year.