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Table of contents lists

Discover how to create a Serials table of contents list in OLIB.

►Serials Management Reference Data> Circulation Lists

When a journal issue is checked in some libraries photocopy the table of contents (TOC), which is then circulated rather than the journal itself. This ensures users are kept up to date with new articles that may interest them. OLIB allows this list to be displayed at Check-in and allows labels to be printed if required.

Create a table of contents list as follows (the same way as a circulation list).

 Note: If both Circulation lists and TOC lists are maintained it is advisable to indicate the TOC function in the TOC list name.

A Circulation list is linked to the Serial Copy, but a Table of Contents list must be linked to the Title.

  1. Navigate to Serials Management Reference Data> Circulation Lists and click new record.
  2. OLIB assigns a unique number. Enter Short and Long descriptions e.g. AW TOC list; Athletics Weekly - table of contents
  3. In Members click Search to select and insert users to the list, either individually or as a group.
  4. In Titles click Search to select and insert the relevant Serial Title.

This link will allow the list to be printed at Check in.