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Tag 007

Discover how the physical description fixed field tag is used in OLIB.


Tag(s) 007
Indicators   Not Applicable
Subfields   Not Applicable
Imports to   The 007 data is imported into the Fixed MARC Fields records linked to the Title and used to aid in determining the Media (Sub)Type. See below for a breakdown of this information.
Exports from   The 007 data is exported directly from the Fixed MARC Field records linked to the Title or, if not present, from the Fixed MARC Field records linked to the Titles' Media Sub-Type (if set) or Media Type if there are no such fields linked to the Media Sub-Type. To be included in the Export from the Media (Sub)Type, the Fixed MARC Field record must be marked "Assign to New titles".


This is a fixed size tag. The position of the data in the tag determines its meaning.

For the MARC21 notes on this tag, refer here.

Example value:

    cr cn mmma|nba


Position(s) Sample Notes
00 c Category of Material: c = Electronic Resource.
The character in this first position determines the number and meaning of the characters in the rest of this tag's value. The following are all for Electronic Resource tags
01 r Specific material Designation: r = Remote
02 # This position is undefined and will therefore always contain a blank.
03 c Colour: c = Multicoloured.
04 n Dimensions: n = Not applicable.
05 # Sound: blank = No sound.
06 - 08 mmm Image bit depth: mmm = Multiple.
09 a File Formats: a = One file format.
10 | Quality Assurance Targets: | = No attempt to code.
11 n Antecedent/Source: n = Not applicable.
12 b Compression: b = Lossless.
13 a Reformatting quality: a = Access.
This is used when the resource is suitable for viewing, but likely has a higher quality version used for preservation purposes.


For importing, the 007 data is used to aid in the determination of the Media (Sub)Type. This is done by matching as many of the characters as possible, whilst ignoring blanks, |s (No attempt to code) and treating any numeric value as equal.
Numeric values (eg: Image Bit Depth, Running Time, ...) are treated as equal as they are unlikely to make a difference between Media (Sub)Types.
The Leader positions 06 and 07 take precedence over all 007 or 006 matching.