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MARC21 export

Discover MARC21 export features in OLIB.

OLIB has included a MARC21 export for some years. There are ways to enhance and refine the export. As MARC21 is a standards based system the export itself is not configurable – i.e. if data is in a field in OLIB which has a MARC21 equivalent it will be exported as part of a title record. The MARC21 view on the Views sheet of the Bibliographic-Full layout represents the data which will be exported for a specific title. The MARC21 handling functionality of OLIB is highly flexible and also includes an option to export records in MARC XML format.

In addition, OLIB provides a small set of MARC tools that allow you to locate structural problems within your MARC exchange files and create comma-separated values (.csv) files of the contents.

This guide assumes some knowledge of the MARC21 format. Please refer to the Library of Congress website for full details and definitions