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Orders for non-catalogue items

Discover how to order non-catalogue items in OLIB Acquisitions.


OLIB acquisitions can be used for ordering non-catalogue items and this is useful for:

  • Ordering items such as stationery which need to be associated with Funds but are not displayed in the OPAC.
  • Ordering books which will not be located in the library (for example, for Departments) and therefore also should not be displayed as holdings within the OPAC. The library must have at least 1 copy in stock.


The order is placed with a title record called Non-Catalogue item with a media type of Non-Catalogue. This is used as part of the order process.

  1. Create the Order in the normal way.
  2. Click New Order Items. The Order Items page is displayed.
  3. Carry out a Title search for non cat… and create new record in context.
  4. Create a basic record with Media Type=Non Catalogue item and a Media Sub-type if needed.
  5. Save the Order Item / Order in the normal way.

Check in for non-catalogue items

There is a flag on the check in screen which allows you to decide whether to create copy records or not when checking items in.

For example 30 copies of a text may need to be ordered for a particular Department.

When the item is checked in, note the Create Copies? field.

  1. Set Create Copies? to No.
  2. Set the number to be checked in and save the record in the normal way.

When this title is displayed in OLIB or the OPAC only the copy actually held in the library will be found – the other 30 have not been created on OLIB.