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GreenGlass videos

Find all available training videos on GreenGlass.

Individual library features in GreenGlass

What is GreenGlass?

Run time: 2:01

This video provides an overview of what GreenGlass is and how it works.


Understanding Key Metrics

Run time: 3:51

This video helps viewers interpret their library's Key Metrics (or collection benchmarks) as displayed in GreenGlass.


Collection Visualization

Run time: 3:45

This video is focused on the GreenGlass visualization tool, which provides up to 40 different views of the library's collection of print monographs.


Item Lists and Item Details

Run time: 3:35

This video describes the many details available for each item in the GreenGlass analysis and how item lists can be generated.


GreenGlass Analysis

Run time: 6:46

This video explains the features of the GreenGlass Query Builder, making it possible for users to interact directly with their collection data.


Subject and Call Number Searching

Run time: 7:00

This video shows how subject and call number searching work in GreenGlass.


Group features in GreenGlass

What is GreenGlass group functionality?

Run time: 2:18

In this video discover how GreenGlass group functionality is designed to support shared-print projects that focus on monographs.

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Embarking on a Shared Print Project with SCS

Run time: 10:40

This video provides advice on managing the early phases of an SCS shared-print project.


Understanding the Retention Model Builder

Run time: 9:18

This video provides an overview of how the GreenGlass Model Builder allows users to experiment with various group-level retention scenarios.


Understanding Title Sets, Title Holdings, and Items

Run time: 2:37

This video describes the importance of understanding the difference between title sets and title holdings in a shared-print context.


Successfully Implemented Retention Models

Run time: 12:25

This video describes four successfully implemented retention models and suggests three critical starter questions for those getting ready to craft a GreenGlass retention model.


Post-Allocation Features in GreenGlass

Run time: 4:03

Once your shared-print group has agreed on a specific retention model, SCS allocates retention commitments and GreenGlass is reloaded to reflect this allocation. Watch this video to learn about post-allocation features.


Adjusting Retention Commitments in GreenGlass

Run time: 7:48

This video offers precise instructions for adding or deleting retention commitments in GreenGlass.


Prepare for a GreenGlass project

Cataloging Questionnaire and Code Keys

Run time: 5:37

This video answers frequently asked questions about the SCS Cataloging/Data Questionnaire and the required Code Keys.


Your Library's Catalog Extract

Run time: 7:40

This video describes the catalog extract required for an SCS/GreenGlass project.


Establishing your list of comparator libraries

Run time: 4:27

This video helps Sustainable Collection Services libraries build their list of library comparators.


GreenGlass for Monographs

Understanding Possible Duplicates

Run time: 5:09

This video shows GreenGlass users how to identify titles for which they hold multiple copies.


Understanding Multi-Edition Titles

Run time: 3:00

The OCLC Work ID links related editions of the same work. This video shows how it has been incorporated into GreenGlass.


Understanding SAME and ANY Edition Holdings Tallies

Run time: 3:04

This video demonstrates the two ways to estimate the extent to which other libraries widely or scarcely hold titles in your collection in GreenGlass. 


State and Country Holdings Tallies

Run time: 3:27

This video describes the GreenGlass nuances related to WorldCat holdings tallies for State and Country.


Understanding Print book overlap data in GreenGlass

Run time: 5:30

This video describes the feature set designed to help SCS libraries see and understand the extent to which they own both print and electronic editions of the same title. In conjunction with many other GreenGlass parameters, this information can inform library decisions about which print books should be retained, and which might be good candidates for withdrawal.


Understanding HathiTrust Matches and URLs

Run time: 2:37

This video describes how to identify which of your titles have been securely digitized and archived by HathiTrust and which of those titles might be made available to your users.


Combining GreenGlass Queries

Run time: 4:10

This video demonstrates how to combine GreenGlass queries to establish OR logic.


Sharing GreenGlass Queries

Run time: 2:20

This video suggests two ways that GreenGlass users can share their queries with colleagues.


Collection AND Location Codes in GreenGlass

Run time: 3:00

This video helps SCS libraries determine whether they should invoke optional COLLECTION codes in addition to required LOCATION codes.


Understanding Out-of-Scope Records

Run time: 4:51

This video SCS filters records out of the analysis if they do not match the established project scope. This video shows how to retrieve your out-of-scope records, and learn why they were filtered out.


GreenGlass for Serials

What is GreenGlass for Serials?

Run time: 3:49

In this video discover how GreenGlass will help libraries understand their print serials collection in new ways.


GreenGlass for Serials - Analysis

Run time: 12:18

In this video, discover how to use the analysis tab in GreenGlass to analyze your library's serials collection.


GreenGlass for Serials: Holdings Lists, Title Details, and Exported Lists

Run time: 5:46

In this video you’ll learn about Holdings Lists, Title Details, and Exported Lists in GreenGlass for Serials. If you haven’t yet watched the GreenGlass for Serials Analysis video, we recommend you view that video first, then come back to this one.