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Introduction to GreenGlass

See a brief introduction to GreenGlass.


GreenGlass is a modern purpose-built web application developed by Sustainable Collection Services. GreenGlass allows academic libraries to understand their print monographs collection in new ways and to construct withdrawal and preservation scenarios in real-time.

Using GreenGlass, libraries extract bibliographic, item, and circulation data from their ILS. This data is filtered and normalized and then compared to WorldCat, CHOICE, and HathiTrust databases. The augmented data is then presented back to the library via GreenGlass. The library also defines lists of peers and local title protection rules. 

GreenGlass analyzes:

  • The age of your collection
  • The usage of your collection
  • The overlap between your collection and those of your peers
  • The other libraries holding the same items
  • The uniqueness of your collection
  • How much of your collection is represented in HathiTrust

Additionally, use the GreenGlass query builder to build multi-faceted withdrawal and preservation scenarios to test and edit in real-time.  The resulting item lists can be viewed online and exported in a standard Excel format.

Watch a video

What is GreenGlass?

Run time: 2:01

This video provides an overview of what GreenGlass is and how it works.