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About EZproxy Analytics

Learn about the functionality available with EZproxy Analytics.

EZproxy Analytics is a turnkey analytics service that enables libraries using EZproxy hosted access and authentication services to transform data into actionable insights and reports.

EZproxy Analytics functionality

EZproxy Analytics manages analytics of EZproxy data with the following functions:

  • data storage
  • extraction
  • data enrichment
  • reporting and visualization

EZproxy Analytics provides many practical uses. Solutions include:

  • Collection development
    EZproxy Analytics provides a trusted source of usage data that is independent of COUNTER reports offering libraries rich insights for collection development. Data usage data can be viewed by content platform, resource type, and even database/collection for some content platforms so you can invest in the right e-resources.
  • Unauthorized usage detection
    EZproxy Analytics automatically ingests EZproxy audit logs, providing access to security information to detect and prevent unauthorized usage. Security events include actions like successful user logins, password attempts, and session expirations. For example, you can look at data like login attempts by user ID and geographic region to flag compromised accounts.
  • Research support management
    EZproxy Analytics allows administrators to view usage by time stamps, such as hour, day, and month. This information can help identify spikes in usage to provide user support when it is most needed. It can also show where and how students access information to determine the best modes of delivering research support, such as virtual reference services and online tutorials.
  • Learning analytics
    Libraries wishing to record usage at a user-level can do so and retain that data within the library’s jurisdiction. Some universities are warehousing this information alongside other institutional data to analyze and predict student outcomes or offer support where it is needed.

Partnerships and technology

OCLC developed EZproxy Analytics using two partner technologies:

  • The first is ezPAARSE, which was developed by Couperin, a French non-profit association funded by membership fees and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. It filters, extracts, and enriches any EZproxy access event following COUNTER codes of practice. ezPAARSE is currently live in about 60 academic libraries in France.
  • To build dashboards that visualize the data, OCLC is utilizing Elastic's Kibana, an industry standard data visualization platform.