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Privacy considerations

Find information about data privacy in EZproxy Analytics.

Personal data logging

Libraries using EZproxy Analytics maintain control of the data logged in their system. Depending on how your institution's EZproxy instance and the local authentication system are configured, the data may contain usernames and/or IP addresses. If you would like to better understand your options to ensure that log data does not contain personal information, contact OCLC Support.

GDPR compliance

EZproxy Analytics is compliant with OCLC's policy on GDPR.

Data hosting location

EZproxy log files are stored on the library's dedicated server in OCLC's data center. In order to provide the EZproxy Analytics service, the data is replicated on the library's EZproxy Analytics instance hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS). The AWS instance is located in the same geographic region as the institution's EZproxy hosted server.