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Learn how to use the ebrarySite config.txt directive to specify configuration information to authenticate ebrary single sign-on for EZproxy.

ebrarySite specifies configuration information required to use EZproxy to authenticate to ebrary using a single sign-on. In this configuration, EZproxy is not used to proxy access to ebrary. When you create links to ebrary, you will create direct links to ebrary with no references to EZproxy. Instead of proxying access, EZproxy is linked with ebrary to handle user authentication when a user performs an action that requires an ebrary account, such as authenticating remote access or accessing a bookshelf.

Configuring EZproxy and ebrary to use single sign-on must be coordinated with ebrary technical support to make corresponding changes to your ebrary account. When ready to begin, contact ebrary support for assistance.

ebrarySite is a repeatable position-dependent config.txt directive.


Qualifier Description
yoursite ebrary site assigned to your institution that appears in your ebrary URLs (e.g.,


Options Description
-URL=url The base URL to use when EZproxy communicates with ebrary during authentication and to use when returning the user to ebrary. The default is
-RedirectHTTP Specify if -URL specifies an https URL for EZproxy to communicate with the ebrary servers but you want the user returned to ebrary using http instead of https.


ebrarySite [-URL=url][-RedirectHTTP]yoursite


Typical configuration to enable ebrary single sign-on integration.

ebrarySite yourlib