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Learn how to use the EncrypVar config.txt directive to specify the key used to encrypt variables sent as part of starting point URLs in EZproxy.

EncryptVar specifies the key to use to encrypt variables that are sent as part of starting point URLs. Normally, variables authorized by AllowVars are sent unchanged. EncryptVar changes this behavior by specifying an encryption key that is used to encrypt variable values before they are sent. The primary purpose for this directive is to support encryption of the username that is sent during authentication to Ebook Library.

EncryptVar is a repeatable position-dependent config.txt directive.

Qualifier Description
u The letter u is replaced by the username used to log into EZproxy.
0-9 Single digits 0 through 9 are replaced by values established with the UsrVar authentication directive.
key The key value to use when encrypting the value of the variable.
EncryptVar [u| 0| 1| 2| 3| 4| 5| 6| 7| 8| 9],[[u| 0| 1| 2| 3| 4| 5| 6| 7| 8| 9]…] key
Title Ebook Library 
AllowVars u
EncryptVar u astringyoupick 
EBLSecret D34A9B3C28F1
Related directives
AllowVars, UsrVars


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