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Is there a way to be sure the Amlib backups are reliable?

Applies to
  • Amlib maintenance
  • Amlib backup and restore
  • SQL databases

The best way to ensure that the backups are reliable:

  1. Perform an SQL Backup on the Amlib live databases (usually AMLIB, AMCAT, AMLOCAL, AMSTATS, AMWEB).
  2. Using this SQL Backup of the Amlib databases, restore the backups to a set of test databases (Usually TELIB, TECAT, TELOCAL, TESTATS, TEWEB).
  3. Log onto the Amlib Test database to ensure all is well.
Additional information
  • For detailed instructions on performing and restoring the databases, find the information on the Amlib Content Portal > Technical Documentation
  • An important step detailed in the documentation is to fix the security logins (map user schema) within the SQL databases
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