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I want to create a list of items never loaned but not including newer items

Applies to
  • Amlib Stockitems
  • Amlib Circulation reports

These can be found via a Stockitem Where search:

  1. Navigate to Main > Stockitems > Stockitem Where..
  2. From Box 1 select Times Borrowed, from Box 2 select = and in Box 3 type 0 and click Paste (Note: the 0 is the number zero).
  3. From Box 1 select Received. In Box 2 select < and click the Special button. Enter the number of months required. For example 6 months.
  4. Press F6 to  get a Count. Reply No to selecting a file.
  5. Press F5 Query to see the items. Again, reply No to selecting a file.
  6. The list of items that have not been borrowed but have been purchased since the number of months entered, will display.
  7. These can then be printed, saved to a file, or checked etc.
  8. The Where Search can be saved for later use by pressing F2 Insert and entering a description and saving with F3.
  9. Find this Where Search again by pressing F4 Select in the Where Search window OR from the Stockitem > Item > Saved Where Searches menu.


Additional information
  • When performing this type of search be aware of the search size in Amlib. Prior to running the list, it is possible to set the search size to be higher than the default. Go to the Stockitem > Item Menu > Query Settings > Set Search Size. Set it to the highest (in the latest release, it is possible to set it to 10,000). If it does reach the maximum, you can Continue the Query from the Table Menu with F11
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