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I want all my items currently on loan to have a due date extended to a date in the future

Applies to
  • Amlib Circulation
  • Amlib Stockitem

It is possible to alter everything on loan by creating a File of those items to change:

  • No check will be made on the new due date entered so ensure it falls on a date when the library is open
  • Before running ensure that you really want to change ALL due dates. There may be differences based on whether the item has a particular Form code
  • Check the File after creating it to ensure you wish ALL of the items will require a due date change

First of all ensure that there are sufficient numbers allowed in Stockitem. To do this:

Step 1: Change the Search Size in Stockitem

  1. Access Stockitem from Main > Stockitem.
  2. Go to the Item menu and select Query Settings > Set Search Size.
  3. Ensure it is the highest number you can choose.

Step 2: Set up a Where Search

  1. Access Stockitem from Main > Stockitem > Where
  2. From Box 1 select On Loan
  3. From Box 2 select =
  4. From Box enter Y
  5. Click the Paste button
  6. Select the F7 QtoFile button – this will open Stockitem Saved Query Results screen
  7. Click F1 New and enter the description of the File in the Details Column - for example, Items on Loan and F3 Save
  8. Highlight the File and press F9 Select. A Saved File Count dialogue box will appear which will show how many items are contained in the File.
  9. Revise and select OK.

Step 3: Make the Change to the Issue Date Due Back

  1. Access Stockitem > Display File.
  2. Highlight the File created above. Click F9 Select. This will display the items in a Stockitem List.
  3. Highlight all items in the list for which you want to make the change of the due date.
  4. From the Table Menu select ChangeDueDates.
  5. Enter the New Due Date and click OK.
  6. The change will be made.



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