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Run upgrade utility

Find instructions for running a changes script using the Amlib upgrade utility.

Run a changes script using the Amlib upgrade utility

The Upgrade.exe utility is used to reconfigure your Amlib SQL databases.

The following guide can be used to run/install any Changes script. The examples shown are for the Amlib 5.3 Changes script- use the script you have been told to run.

 Caution: Do not run any of these Upgrade Scripts on the same database more than once. If you have any difficulties, please ring OCLC (UK) Limited immediately.

  1. To start the Amlib Upgrade utility, click on the Windows Start menu and select Run – the Run dialog window will display:
  2. In the Open: field type in: c:\amlib\upgrade and click the OK button
    (replace c:\amlib with the correct path of your Amlib Client folder if different)
  3. The Amlib Upgrade screen will display:
  4. From the menu, select File > Login… - the Login dialog box will display:
  5. Ensure the Database authentication option is selected
  6. Enter the following:
    1. Login name: SYSADM
    2. Password: SYSADM
    3. Select the Database: to update (default is the Live database)

      Please Note: The login is case-sensitive. If typed in lowercase, it will appear as uppercase, but you MUST type it in uppercase.
  7. Click the OK button

    The Amlib Upgrade utility should now be logged into your SQL database.
  8. From the menu, select File > Open… - the Open dialog box will display:
  9. In the Scripts subfolder (for example: C:\Amlib\Scripts), select the Amlib 5.3 Changes.sql file (or your script name) and click on the Open button
  10. The following prompt will appear: This script will modify the database for use with the Amlib Version 5.3. Do you wish to Continue?
  11. Click the Yes button (select No if the SQL script has previously been run on this database and you have selected to run this script by mistake)
  12. The system will immediately start updating the database for the Amlib 5.3 system changes
  13. On successful completion of the upgrade script the following prompt will display: The Amlib 5.3 upgrade script is complete. Please check the file ‘upgrade.log” for any errors.
  14. Click the OK button
  15. To exit the Amlib Upgrade utility, from the menu select File > Exit

The database has been successfully updated.

  • To upgrade your sites Test database (available at most sites), Local History database (selected sites only) repeat the above except select the required database (for example: Test) DO NOT select the Live database again!

 Note: For customers with single shared AMCAT database with multiple AMLIB databases

You will need to re-run the Amlib 5.3 Changes.sql script at each library with a separate AMLIB database, even if they are using a shared AMCAT database that has already had the script applied.