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Install a client on a new PC

Find instructions for accessing the Amlib Client from the server and installing the Amlib programs.

When installing a new Amlib Client machine, a decision needs to be made as to where to access the Amlib programs according to the following options:

  • Access to Amlib Programs from the Server or
  • Install the programs locally and access from the new PC

If you are not sure where you currently access the Amlib program from you can find out by:

  1. Right-click on the Amlib Icon of a different Amlib Client and select Properties
  2. On the shortcut tab, locate the Target field and note the file path
    • If the Target point to a different drive – for example a library drive or I:/ drive etc then you are most likely accessing Amlib from a server: follow Option 1
    • If the file path points to C:/Amlib/Amlibtop.exe then you are most likely accessing the program from a locally install on the PC- follow Option 2

Option 1- Access the Programs from the Server

  1. In the Amlib folder on the server, navigate to Amlib > Utilities > Icons > Iconsetup.exe
  2. Copy the Iconsetup.exe file to the new PC and run the file on the PC as below, browsing to the Amlib folder on the server – see notes below

Option 2- Install the Amlib programs

  1. Copy the Amlib folder from an existing PC that is running Amlib (or from the Server). This will ensure that the Programs are the Version suitable for the Database.
  2. Run the Amlib > Utilities > Icons > Iconsetup.exe file on the PC and browse to the Amlib folder on the local PC where you have just saved it

Running the IconSetup Facility

This is used to set up PC Icons, set the Database Login, and for installing Active X.

  1. Access the Icon Setup facility from Amlib > Utility >Icons > IconSetup.exe. Double clicking on it will bring up a Wizard
  2. Browse for the path of the Amlib program files. Find the folder where this PC will access Amlib from (as per Option 1: the Server, or Option 2: Local PC ). Once selected click Next 

  3. In the “Select Components” dialog, “Choose Modules To Install” and also generally select the boxes for “Admin Tasks” (to ensure the Database connection is correct in the Amlib configuration file). Click Next
  4. Enter the Database login and Password. Enter the correct Username and Password (usually SYSADM for both). For security reasons, this will be encrypted when stored in the configuration file. Click Next
  5. Choose the Destination for the Shortcut. Usually the default is fine. Click Next
  6. Select Additional Task. Generally Install desktop icons for selected Components. Click Next.
  7. Ready to Install. Review and Confirm and select Install
  8. Select Finish to exit the IconSetup Utility

 Note: If the Amlib path is already pointing to the correct file and you wish only to set the Database Login, take off the ticks in Select Components Window - Choose Module Icons and Functions to Install at Step 3. Click Next.