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Remove the SBARCODE memo

Learn how to remove the SBARCODE memo which is created by the system every time a Stockitem barcode is changed in Amlib.

The SBARCODE memo is created by the system every time a Stockitem barcode is changed. This can present problems mass deleting Stockitems later, so many libraries like to prevent this memo from being saved.

  1. In Amlib go to Main > Supervisor > Supervisor screen
  2. Then go to LibraryMenu > MemoTypes
  3. Select F1 New and enter the details as below then F3 Save
    Memo Type – SBARCODE
    Description – System Memo for change of Stockitem Barcode
    Valid for Holdings – Y
    Valid for Members – N
    Show As Default – N
    Expires in n days time – -1

  4. Log out of Amlib on all PCs and then the memo will no longer be generated when a stockitem barcode is changed

    Mass Delete the SBARCODE memo from current items
    1. In Amlib navigate to Main > Stockitems > StockitemWhere
    2. In box 1 select Memo Type
    3. In Box 2 select =
    4. In box 3 type SBARCODE then select the Paste button
  5. Select F7 QtoFile
  6. Select F1 New, give the file a name then F3 Save and then F9 Select
  7. A message will advise how many Stockitems have this memo, select OK
  8. In Stockitem select File > Display File
  9. Highlight the file you just created and F9 Select
  10. Highlight all of the items and select Table > Mass Memo Delete
  11. Select “Ignore the date when deleting the memos” and “Only delete memos with the type below” and type SBARCODE, then select OK
  12. A message will advise how many memos have been deleted

     Note: If you have many items with the SBARCODE memo, you may wish to increase the number of Stockitems the table displays so you don’t been to run the deletion so many times.

  13. In the Stockitem screen select Item > Query Settings > SetSearchSize
  14. Select 1000 and you can then display your Stockitem file and delete the memos 1000 at a time. Select F11 to continue to the next 1000 records