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New location

Learn how to add a new location in Amlib.

Adding a new location to Amlib

To add a Location to Amlib, the Location itself needs to be added to the Location table and then various settings need to be changed in order for the Location to be applied to borrowers and Stockitems.

Adding the location to the locations table

  1. In Amlib Navigate to Main > Supervisor > Locations
  2. Select the F1 New button
  3. Type a Library Group Code (generally the same as the other Library Groups)
  4. Type a Location Code
  5. Type a Location Description
  6. Select F3 Save
  7. Then select LibraryMenu > Installation
  8. Select Installation > Choose Location
  9. Highlight the new location and select OK
  10. Click on the Other button
  11. Scroll down and locate the following 3 settings up update them accordingly:




    Location is Valid for Holdings


    If set to Y, the Location is available for Stockitems so Permanent or Temporary Locations can be set to this Location

    Location is Valid for OPAC Enquiries


    If set to Y, the items can be viewed via NetOpacs

    Location is Valid for registrations and Circulation


    If set to Y, the Location is available for Borrowers. Also, available when setting Circulation Parameters based on Location

  12. Select F3 Save
  13. Log out of Amlib and back in and the new location will then be available for use