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Allow users to modify authorities in the catalogue screen

Learn how to remove NoSharedAuthUpdate permission in Amlib.

Remove “NoShardAuthUpdate” permission

Most users will notice in the catalogue record, that when they have selected an Authority, the Modify button is grey and unavailable for use. In this case a user wanting to make a change will normally Delete the Authority and Insert a new one (or Replace) or alternatively XReference > Authorities to make edits to an existing Authority. Removing this permission allows a user to directly edit Authorities from within a Catalogue record.

Great care should be taken in considering removing this permission from a user, and it not usually recommended unless the user fully understands how Authorities work, and the fact that they will be altering every instance of the Authority in other Catalogue records when using the Modify button. Consider for instance, the situation where a user who has had this control removed, notices an incorrect call number on a catalogue record and uses the Modify button to ‘correct’ the call number, inadvertently altering every instance of that previous call number over the entire collection.

With NoSharedAuthUpdate Permission turned granted:

To remove NoSharedAuthUpdate permission

  1. Navigate to Main > Supervisor > Usernames
  2. Highlight the username to be changed and select F8 Choose
  3. Navigate to ActualMainMenu > Catalogues > Catalog - NoSharedAuthUpdate
  4. Select the red Take button
  5. Close the window and then Log out of Amlib and back in
  6. The Modify button will then be available for use
  7. This will make changes for every instance of this Authority on other records.