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Save an item query into a file

Learn how to save an item query into a file in Amlib.
  1. Launch the Amlib client
  2. Open the Stockitem module
  3. From the Item dropdown menu and select Query Settings, then SetSearchSize 
  4. From the list that comes up select a number that is closest to the number of items that are saved in the File. You will be returned to the main Stockitem search screen
  5. From the Stockitem screen type in your Query options for example a specific stats code, form code, location, floor location. Click Query Via Item then click F5Query 
  6. A table will display. From this table you may need to highlight the items wanted for your report and save these to a Saved File. To do this highlight the first t item wanted, then hold down the CONTROL key and scroll down the table and highlight the next item wanted. Continue in this manner till all items on the table that are relevant are highlighted.
  7. Release the CONTROL key and click on the File dropdown. Select Save Marked.
  8. At the Stock Item Saved Query Results screen, highlight a file. If there is a relevant file but has stockitems within not relevant to the query, highlight this file, click F2 Empty then click F9 Select. If there is not a relevant file click F1 New. Give this file a description then click F3 Save.

    Make sure this file is highlighted and click F9 Select.
  9. Once F9 Select is clicked, Amlib will automatically place the marked items from the table to this saved file.
  10. Click OK. You will then be returned to the Table screen. If there are more items to be selected, click on the Table dropdown and select Continue Query, or click F11 directly.
  11. Follow through with instructions above until the table is completed.
  12. As you progress, the file will be added to until completion of the table.

    Alternatively if all the stockitems in the display are to be saved, simply scroll down the complete list, highlighting all the items and from the file dropdown select Save All.
  13. Once all items have been saved, go to the Stockitem screen and click File dropdown. Select Display File.
  14. Highlight the necessary file and click F9 Select.
  15. Once the file is displayed, click on the Table dropdown and select either Print F6 or Report F7 and select the presentation of your saved file.